My goal is to live frugally this year in hopes of saving money and being able to continue to be a SAHM. My goal is to live on $500 a month including groceries, gas, and miscellaneous. My hubby has his own account and we have a joint account for bills. I will be tracking my spending and making very conscience decisions about each penny spent. Hubby is my dear husband, BB is Craig the big brother, and LB is Brett the little brother. My tips are just thoughts that have worked for me or am hoping will work for me. Here's to 2010...a year of smart money choices!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Today, I headed to the mall with LB. My goal was to see the after-Christmas sales and to just browse. In my Christmas shopping expeditions this year, I never even went to the mall. Anyway, I was looking for good deals and specifically, dress shoes for both hubby and I. We need dress shoes and decided that the smart money choice would be to buy them on sale. While out shopping, I did buy myself one more Starbucks peppermint mocha for the holiday season. I am going to be careful with Starbucks....what an easy way to spend $5 a day. At the mall, I picked up 3 games. Each tin had 4 decks of cards...they are going in my gift basket for Easter, birthdays, or next Christmas. Each tin was on sale at 50% off for $4...a perfect amount to spend on some of BB's friends. I also hit the bookstore and picked up 2 Christmas books for stocking stuffers for next year...again, 50% off for a total of $3.50 each. And, no luck on the shoes. But, I feel great about the choices I did make and have very specific plans for gift-giving events coming up in the next year.

Tip #1...Don't spend money on hand soap from Bath and Body Works when you can get a similar product at Target or buy in bulk at Costco.

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