My goal is to live frugally this year in hopes of saving money and being able to continue to be a SAHM. My goal is to live on $500 a month including groceries, gas, and miscellaneous. My hubby has his own account and we have a joint account for bills. I will be tracking my spending and making very conscience decisions about each penny spent. Hubby is my dear husband, BB is Craig the big brother, and LB is Brett the little brother. My tips are just thoughts that have worked for me or am hoping will work for me. Here's to 2010...a year of smart money choices!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm SOOO excited!! I just found a new pair of running (not that I run) shoes! I've been looking for several months, but never found a pair that felt right and weren't out of my price range. I'm always up for a good deal and have found great shoes at great prices at Kohl's the last few years. Today was no different. I went to Kohl's, hoping to find shoes but not desperate which is always key. Wearing a size 11 leaves me with fewer options, too. After looking high and low and trying on several Nike 11's, I decided that my arch must have changed after having LB and started to look at other brands. Still having no luck, I meandered to the clearance section where my eyes rest on a bright orange box..size 11 Nikes. I was sure they would be an atrocious color, but opened the box to find cute white/gray with lime green swoop shoes. I tried them on, figuring they'd fit funny...only to find they fit perfect. And, the $80 shoes were on sale for $24 and I had a 15% coupon. I paid $22.07


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